Sunday Surprise

My husband and I usually spend Sunday calm and relaxed. No hassle, no stress. Usually … An extensive breakfast, followed by a longer walk with our two dogs, a leisurely lunch. So far so good. Up to this point everything went according to "plan". After lunch, my husband was snoring on the sofa, my iPhone [...]

No more Widgets for me and my Blog!

Today I´m not doing my "Homework"for #blogging101: "Spruce up your Sidebar". I refuse to add more Widgets to my Sidebar anyway,  because enough of them are there. I'm doing exactly the Opposite: I´m going straight on to minimize my Widgets! I repeat what I have already written a few days earlier: It depends on the content [...]

Waiting …

Since yesterday I tried several times, to claim my Blog to Bloglovin. They are still unable to find the link! (I´ve deleted the link to Bloglovin  now). I´m not happy about that;  just sitting here -  waiting for response from Bloglovin support. Hopefully, they could resolve the Problem. Thanks for your patience.

Your Voice

 Your voice is not music to my ears as the old saying goes. It´s so much more. It´s more like the trickle of water in a babbling - brook - cool, clean and crisp. A breath of air fresher than crisp sheets off of a clothes line after hanging in the summer sun to dry. [...]