Who is Marie P.?

Marie usually does not write biographies. And certainly not her own.

Marie is in her mid 40 (Haha! “mid 40” sounds better than 4…. leaves everything between 45 and 50 open) –  lives in Austria (that’s in Europe),  has the best husband in the world and two wonderful adult sons. So please be patient with her; forgive her one (or two?)  grammatical or spelling mistakes. She doesn´t use any Translation-Program. Yippiiee!

Marie loves to write.

Marie always improved her written texts. Either then there is nothing on the paper, or it creates an incorrigible chaos. Marie began to write again. Until the text is  “perfect”.  But what the hell is “perfect”? “Perfect” for whom? Furthermore, why “perfect”?

Marie is constantly in chaos perfection.

Sometimes Marie’s words sounds annoying, but she means no harm.
Marie is working to be more patient in many ways. More patient and less critical.

Marie wants to make her dream come true: to write a book. Marie has hundreds of “hidden” manuscripts in the drawer. Poetry, short stories, fairy tales for kids …

Marie’s time will come someday. The chaos must be eliminated!

Thank you for taking Time to read rubberducksandblues.

Always yours

Marie P.



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