Daily Prompt: “Cut Off”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”

When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

Sometimes I get the impression that many “Daily Prompts” are made with sad, left alone people. How else comes up with the idea?

There is no doubt, there are days when you feel sad and abandoned. But these are only moments. Snapshots of life.

I’m too busy with my family, with my work and with my friends, to feel lonely in this world.

No one gives me the opportunity to feel lonely. I am a positive thinking woman – positive thinking has become important.

Well, I have not always thought in this direction. Many years ago, when my father died, I was endlessly sad. But I’ve never felt lonely. Only sad.

It´s the normal course of life: People come and people die. None of us will walk on earth forever.

Sadness should not be confused with loneliness!


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: “Cut Off”

  1. I get your point but I think you should give those sad people the chance to mourn a loss when they at that moment in their life feel like there’s noone left for them.
    That’s how I came to express myself like this, too:

    But I feel kind of happy that you aren’t feeling lonely (or sad, or both) 🙂

    And a suggestion: If you think there are more “happy prompts” needed submit one. I think that would be good.
    Responding to prompts though is a process of association I think.
    So if someone was thinking of something happy with a prompt another one might be reminded of something they are sad about.

    Soooo… I obviously talked enough so let me finish with this:
    Your writing was quite to the point.
    And I liked how you are leading your reader along using those paragraphs.

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