Thursday Thoughts: When I was a Child

When I was a little girl, there were no computers, no mobile phones, internet and smart phones anyway. We had a carefree, happy childhood. I thought only a short time ago in mind as I watched young people in a coffee-house. There were four young people who had a lot to talk about. However, they did not speak a word. Strange. Each person had an iPhone or another smart phone in their hands. I asked myself whether the mutually write SMS, or post status messages on Facebook? At this table there was no human sound. Only electronic message tones. Then a shrill tone. Two words on the mobile phone, “yes” and after a short break “Bye”. The boy could speak! Therefore I have nothing to worry about.

Our mother did not annoy us on the mobile phone. Why? We had none! There were no mobile phones around the world. Oh how beautiful! Our parents trusted us when we met up with friends.

There was always a reason to meet with friends. In the park, in the garden, in the city. Later, when we get older, in the coffee shops and restaurants.

I thank God and my parents for a carefree childhood and youth! Those children time when you could still play with the ball, without a ring tone and without Facebook!  Thank you so much!

Have a nice Day,


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