Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

Monday morning. A good day to set new goals for my blog. Here are my thoughts for new visions and motivations:

Why do I blog?

  • First of all, to think out loud.
  • Exchanging views and ideas with my followers and those who want to be there.
  • To leave my footprints here and around the world.

Visions and Motivations

With the exception of the “Blogging201” days, I want to spread my thoughts into the world on the following days:

  • on Tuesday: Excerpts from my Poems and short Stories.
  • on Thursday: Random thoughts
  • on Saturday: Summary of the Week – what I did?

This is my vision. If it is too much for me, I will change it. Hopefully to get my motivation through Blogging201.

Last but not least

I have to run a household,  to keep my husband in a good mood,  to write this blog, to write a German blog and also to perform a job.

Please be patient with me! Thank You!


5 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

  1. Beautiful thoughts.Yes blogging is more than posting an article or a video.There are so many vital issues today need to be addressed..Thank you so much for following my blog.Best regards.Jaalal

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