One more Step

I have just registered for Writing 201: Poetry (February 16 – 27). One more step to get away from all these widgets and Theme Tasks in #Blogging101. My Hope for Writing 201 Poetry: To do,  what I wanted to do when I started this Blog: Write!

At the Age of 12 years, I have begun to write a Diary.  Since then, I have never stopped to write down everything . Sure, the Diary of a twelve-year-old Girl is different from my Moleskine,  which I’m writing now. I have kept all these Diaries on the Attic in Boxes. None of them  was ever lost. My Thoughts – trapped in a Box! It would take Years, if I had to read all of them again.

In my Moleskine I write down everything that could change the world. Every single Thought, each Idea, Drawings – all this can be found in my lovely Moleskine.

My Moleskine has taken a permanent Place in my Life. It´s always there. Always ready to take my Thoughts.

Memo to myself: Save your Drafts, otherwise you have to write everything twice!

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