Sunday Surprise

My husband and I usually spend Sunday calm and relaxed. No hassle, no stress. Usually … An extensive breakfast, followed by a longer walk with our two dogs, a leisurely lunch. So far so good. Up to this point everything went according to “plan”.
After lunch, my husband was snoring on the sofa, my iPhone rang. On the display I read “unknown number”. I thought it might just be one of our children. My husband had become awake by the ringing of my iPhone! I heard a growl.
With a smile, I took my iPhone “Hello?” Ouch. I almost fell in shock my iPhone out of my hand, when I noticed that the unknown number belonged to my mother in law.
. “Hi Marie!” I heard her say. Actually, I did not want to continue talking with her, but decided to do it anyway.
I remembered that I wanted to be friendly to her, at least on the phone. She announced her visit for the afternoon to drink a cup of coffee with us. I almost told her that this was not possible today. Almost …
Annoyed, I went to the first floor to the living room where my husband was snoring on the sofa again. I woke him roughly, as I only said the words, “Your mother!” I know this is common, but the only effective way to get him off the Sofa.
He muttered, “What?”
“Your mother!” I repeated loudly.
“What does she want?” he asked curiously.
“How should I know? Your mother will be here in an hour.”
“You re kidding!” “Unfortunately, no. This is no joke, so get up and help me in the kitchen!”
Reluctantly, my husband got up now and followed me into the kitchen. “Did she say when she comes?” my husband asked.
“If you had listened to me, you´ d know it.” I had no desire for further discussion. Annoying I gave him the coffee mugs, spoons, sugar, milk  and the cake. He put everything in the middle of the table. Men!
The doorbell rang. At least my husband went to open it. I set the table and tried to make a friendly face. My mother in law was already in the kitchen, gave me a kiss on the cheek and did not stop from now to talk. She talked and talked. Like a Waterfall. If something important has been there, I had not heard it. What I´ve heard, whatever, was when my husband said, he would like to  go in the garage to repair his car a bit. He took his coffee and went into the garage.
He left me with this speaking Monster alone. I looked at him and thought by myself: “Your dinner today is waiting in the fridge!”
My mother in law did not take notice, that her son was no longer sitting on the table. After two hours (!!!) she asked where he was.
At Last! After four hours she was getting ready to go home. Yippiiee!!! I accompanied her to the door, my husband waved goodbye from the garage. I looked at him and slammed the front door.
A few minutes later, he was standing next to me and said, he was hungry. I smiled at him and said: “Honey, your food is in the fridge. Uncooked!”

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