Your Voice

music-279332_1280 Your voice is not music to my ears as the old saying goes. It´s so much more. It´s more like the trickle of water in a babbling – brook – cool, clean and crisp. A breath of air fresher than crisp sheets off of a clothes line after hanging in the summer sun to dry. A spring that sounds like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower.

Your voice is sweet like the taste of cotton candy at the country fair. Like the icing on a Crispy Cream Donut. Like the sugar on my lips after sipping a Strawberry Tequila.

Your voice is mesmerizing like the keys of a piano. Like the strings of a harp being gently plucked to produce sound. Like the cricket´s symphone in the summer evening. Like a violin playing a romantic melody.

Your voice is warmth. A ray of sun on a summers´s day penetrating the skin. Like the warmth of a fire´s burning embers. Like the feel of hot chocolate slowly warming my throat.

Your voice is much more than music to my ears. Your voice is consuming, drawing me close, and leaving me longing for your touch.



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