Stormy Weather

forest-54555_1280 The mist from the waterfalls plunge rises from the forest floor – high above just below the clouds the majestic eagle soars.

Lightning flashes from an approaching storm illuminating the mountain peak – the crashing of the thunder breaks the serene tranquility of which I seek.

Small animals scurry for cover as rain, like tears from heaven starts to come down – wetting the leaves of the trees and bushes and muddying the ground.

Streams swell and flow from the mountaintops with force  – smoothing the rocks in their beds as they travel a jagged course.

A rainbow appears as the storm subsides seemingly to connect two mountain ranges – that is what our relationship is like, the weather, it goes through changes.

Through all the lightning flashes  – through all the thunderous crashes.The rainbow comes out and all the stormy weather passes  – through it all, there is one constant that remains true –  that is my undying love and devotion for you.

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