Day 5 Blogging101: Love your Theme

My goodness! How fast time flies. Have we really reached the 5th day of our course Blogging101? I have decided that I don´t want to change my Theme at the present time. Of course there’s a reason: I have tried out in my previous WordPress Blog more or less all Themes, few of them really convinced me.

Currently I’m using the Penscratch Theme, it´s clear and fresh, seems to be suitable for my work.

Today I tried to give the two new Themes (Sela and Boardwalk) a chance. Boardwalk is (no idea why) not sympathetic. After countless attempts to adapt the colours, I tried out SelaSela comes as a bit better.

At the moment there are two further themes that I could imagine for my blog:

1. Twenty fifteen
2. Sela.

Of course, a theme for a blog should be an eye-catcher too; but I think the content counts.

All right, I know it’s hard to meet my needs … It´s just me!

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