Say Hello to the Neighbors

Day 3 of #Blogging101:

I am late with this Posting, but still on time. I have travelled by the big world of WordPress and have found out that miraculous Blogger exist which would earn more, than only “follow” or “like”. Unfortunately, on the other hand, it seems over and over again that Blogs are clicked in the reader only by “follow” and/or “like” without having read the matching Blog generally. It is a pity, then you don´t know what you possibly miss by this click. It should be aware to all that blogging can be time-consuming.

I feel it as a disregard of the author, because whether a Blog is seen actual or is clicked only  by “like” or “follow”, checks up itself in own Stats.



2 thoughts on “Say Hello to the Neighbors

  1. You are right – a lot of people do just hit like, in the hope that you will go and look at *their* blog, when in reality they have not looked at yours at all. It’s a shame.

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