Who I am and why I´m here

Hi there,

Well I do not really like, to write Biographies, But let me give just a little try to describe myself:

Who I am:

I am a mid-forties lady, have the best husband in the world and two fabulous, adult sons. My mother is the most charming person who has ever met me. Not to mention, I have my mother in law. Well, she  is (like almost all mothers in law) difficult to describe.  She only shares the fewest opinions with me. But that does not bother me. Whatever.

My Likes: Honesty, WordPress, Blogging reading, writing, iPhone, Mac, Nokia, Swimming, Shopping (*gg) … All of the four Quarters of the year.

My Dislikes: Dishonesty, Operating System Windows *lol, boredom, This list needs an Update 😉

Feel free to like my posts, comment or criticize.  I appreciate every comment, and I´ll  reply as soon as possible.



Why I´m here:

Some years ago I have begun an attempt to write a Blog on WordPress.com. This attempt failed; already after one week I had become lazy. It was not due to the fact that I would have had fear of a white sheet of paper; I am happy about the fact that I have read “Daily of post” on WordPress.com and have registered myself for “blogging101”. With this step I have made provision that this time I will write and cannot be tempted by laziness!

I write with pleasure and would like to inform the whole world of my thoughts in the form of (amusing) short stories (partly from the everyday life, partly Fiction, but also in prose). One day maybe I write a book – who knows 🙂

Thank you WordPress.com for the preserved possibility to take part in “blogging101”. I am proud to be a part of the community “blogging101”.



7 thoughts on “Who I am and why I´m here

      1. I see! Just me “overthinking” it seems! I thought the open book meant that you were an “open book” as they say. [Who are these people who are described as “they” lol] The picture is lovely though – mysterious, old, full of wisdom … maybe I’ll take a (curled up) leaf from your book 🙂

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