2000 Years later: Sophocles´ Antigone vs. Anouilh ´s Antigone.

My topic appears unusual, because the Original “Antigone” was written by Sophocles 2000 years earlier.


The redesign of “Antigone’s” material by Jean Anouilh takes over a lot from the main features of the external action and also some conflict motives.

Eteocles (Étéocle) and Polynices have committed suicide mutually and Creon, the new ruler of Thebes, has forbidden to bury Polynices because he has been a betrayer. Antigone opposes the funeral ban of the new ruler, her uncle to allow the way in the Hades to her brother Polynices. With the second attempt Antigone is noted and seized. Antigone confesses to her action. Creon condemns them to the death, Antigone is enclosed in a burial chamber. Their engaged Haimon (Hémon) goes at the end on distance to his father Creon and takes the life on her side. When his mother Eurydice gets to know from his end, she commits suicide.

Scene is the King’s Palace. Events of other scenes (field with the corpse, rock chamber) will be notified  by messenger’s reports.

The sequence of scenes of ancient documents will be preserved in essential features; the modern drama has not such a so rigidly assembled structure like the Greek tragedy, but a loose sequence of scenes showing the manner of a “conversation-piece”.
Antigone appears stubborn. She emphasizes the importance of family ties, Creon the importance of the state order.


Starting point of the plot / exposure

In Anouilh the starting point of action is different, a little later (the history tells a spokesman in the prologue), with the introduction of Antigone as a wayward, unruly and educational problematic adolescents (for purposes of this exposition is the figure of the nurse invented).

Addition of a scene

There is a meeting of the engaged Antigone and Haemon. Absence of a figure: Anouilh has removed the role of the blind seer Tiresias, which a representative of the religious missing who understands the will of the gods, and an essential part of the action turnaround in Sophocles.

Role of the Chorus

With Anouilh there stands a speaker (Le Prologue; Le ch œ ur) beyond the played world and corresponds to an omniscient narrator. He forms epic, not lyrical (how the antique choir) element. However, he also enters into the action and becomes the joining in person when he takes care in the final part of Antigone´s rescue.

Kind of the Death Problem

The Death Facing Antigone´s has different reasons. With Sophocles Antigone turns to the death because her relatives are dead, with Anouilh because there is nothing what she could affirm. She does not mention her duties imposing authority. Antigone despises all human historical activity, because she is possible only in compromises, not for the unconditional.

Other Representation Creon´s

Creon is not so much a representative of undimension and arrogance (hubris), but a representative of compromises who would like to save Antigone. With Sophocles fails Creon, because he recognises too late to have spanned the curve. With Anouilh there fails Creon because he involves – in the contradictoriness of power and right – with his intransigence which Antigone forces on him by her refusal of compromises, finally, because he loses with it credibility. He wanted to test with the funeral ban whether the state authority embodied by him still functions. The pedagogic measures should serve the renewal of the state, planned to the restoration of the order after deadly quarrel in the ruling family. Creon is shown as a real politician who is brought to his cynicism and his weakness increasingly disclosed.

Other Topic

In Anouilh it is not about objective values, but feeling of existence in a world that has become questionable and different attitudes to the meaning of life. Both are based on the assumption of an absurd world without guaranteed world order. Creon wants to form the world a little reasonable by his politics and give people a little happiness in the midst of absurdity. Antigone holds on to an ideal sensible existence and rejects her offered small luck to whose acquisition she would have to do bad. She represents a negation towards a world and a behavior in which she would lose her view of purity and innocence.

Statements to the internal action also depend in certain magnitude on the Interpretation.



Writing 201: Day 9 – Landscape

Somebody paints the magical Words
out of my endless sheets in a Landscape.
Trying to draw a visual imagery picture of my dreams.
Strive to open up the Ability in a new dimension,
just to see and to read clear
something of my entire Life.



Note: These Words I picked up from the following  Quote that I’ve completely messed up, wrote only important Words in my featured Image, before I started to write:

The ability to have somebody read something and see it, or for somebody to paint an entire landscape of visual imagery with just sheets of words – that’s magical. That’s what I’ve been trying to strive for – to draw a clear picture, to open up a new dimension.

Mos Def



Writing 201: Day 8 – Drawer

Gently you are slipped over the paper,
only you had dressed up my handwriting.
You have done your job so well-behaved
until that day when I thought you are lost.

Seven days you disappeared,
Oh, how I have missed you.
Until I finally one day
a look in the drawer dare.

With a rather loud jerk
I opened the drawer.
You were not here?
Who has hidden you and why?

Gently rummaging,  past paper clips
Newspaper clippings and other stuff.
Has anyone seen my favorite ballpoint pen?
Must be around here, somewhere!

You stupid thing, you have to appear
before I lose my patience.
Also, you are – last but not least
thrown out as my favorite ballpoint pen!


Daily Prompt: “Cut Off”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”

When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

Sometimes I get the impression that many “Daily Prompts” are made with sad, left alone people. How else comes up with the idea?

There is no doubt, there are days when you feel sad and abandoned. But these are only moments. Snapshots of life.

I’m too busy with my family, with my work and with my friends, to feel lonely in this world.

No one gives me the opportunity to feel lonely. I am a positive thinking woman – positive thinking has become important.

Well, I have not always thought in this direction. Many years ago, when my father died, I was endlessly sad. But I’ve never felt lonely. Only sad.

It´s the normal course of life: People come and people die. None of us will walk on earth forever.

Sadness should not be confused with loneliness!

Daily Prompt: Five a Day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Five a Day.”

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

Here´s my ***** Menu 😀 :

1. Watermelons

2. Potatoes (not Rice, I don´t like Rice so I take Potatoes)

3. Lobster

4. Pears

5, Tomatoes.

That´s it! I think if I’m nice, I might even get Coffee!

Thursday Thoughts: When I was a Child

When I was a little girl, there were no computers, no mobile phones, internet and smart phones anyway. We had a carefree, happy childhood. I thought only a short time ago in mind as I watched young people in a coffee-house. There were four young people who had a lot to talk about. However, they did not speak a word. Strange. Each person had an iPhone or another smart phone in their hands. I asked myself whether the mutually write SMS, or post status messages on Facebook? At this table there was no human sound. Only electronic message tones. Then a shrill tone. Two words on the mobile phone, “yes” and after a short break “Bye”. The boy could speak! Therefore I have nothing to worry about.

Our mother did not annoy us on the mobile phone. Why? We had none! There were no mobile phones around the world. Oh how beautiful! Our parents trusted us when we met up with friends.

There was always a reason to meet with friends. In the park, in the garden, in the city. Later, when we get older, in the coffee shops and restaurants.

I thank God and my parents for a carefree childhood and youth! Those children time when you could still play with the ball, without a ring tone and without Facebook!  Thank you so much!

Have a nice Day,



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